Make a name for your business by providing high quality language access to your LEP (Limited English Proficiency) clients or patients.

I have the education, qualifications, and experience to seamlessly remove the language barrier in your firm or organization's interactions with its Spanish-speaking clientele. Hiring a language expert means you can stop questioning whether you are communicating clearly with your target audience, and instead focus on what your business is already good at. My certification and background as an interpreter are in the following areas.


Just like you would wish to be represented by a lawyer who has passed the bar, a certified court interpreter is essential in the complex world of hearings, trials, depositions, mediations, or attorney-client meetings. I facilitate a level linguistic playing field for all parties. See the FAQ to read more on the demanding skills required for court interpretation.


In medicine, accurate language can mean life or death. As a qualified medical interpreter, I eliminate the added stress of wondering if vital health information is being relayed accurately. I have significant experience in pediatric specialties (oncology, endocrinology, ophthalmology), family medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, and more.

SOCIAL Services

Wading through these waters in your own language is frightening enough. As an interpreter, I have ensured equal access to LEP (Limited English Proficiency) individuals for Child Protective Services, substance abuse screenings, housing transitions, parent-teacher conferences, truancy board hearings, and more.

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