As a trained and certified Spanish interpreter, I ensure that all people get the same care and access to information, whether or not they speak English.

Facilitating worry-free, interlingual communication between service providers and recipients in real-world situations is my primary goal as an interpreter. I have the technical knowledge to interpret everything that is said in the room, exactly as it was intended to be communicated.


In medical situations, effective dialogue leads to speedy diagnosis and treatment. As a Spanish-English interpreter in this field, I ensure that communication between healthcare providers and patients who are not fluent in English is swift and accurate.

Social Services

In social services situations it is especially important that a foreign speaker's meaning not be misconstrued. I have experience interpreting for Child Protective Services, during substance abuse screenings and throughout housing transitions. 


Since 2013, I have worked in Spokane County (and surrounding areas) as both an in-house and freelance interpreter in a variety of community settings. Examples of this work include: parent-teacher conferences, truancy board hearings, legal consultations and private negotiations. 

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