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Andrew Belisle


I am a trained and certified Spanish-English interpreter active in Spokane County and the surrounding areas of Eastern Washington and North Idaho. I began working as a full-time interpreter in 2016, and now you’ll find me every day in a courtroom, hospital, prison, or law office. Medical and legal settings are my focus and forte, and I am a huge terminology nerd and language lover.

In 2013 I graduated from Bangor University with Honors, with a BA in French, German, and Spanish. I received a first-class degree with three distinctions, the British equivalent of summa cum laude after writing a bachelor’s dissertation in each of my languages. I studied at the Department of Translation and Interpretation at the University of Granada in Spain and at the Center for Translation Studies at the University of Vienna in Austria, with a language combination of English, Spanish, and German.

I have lived, studied, and worked in five languages, across nine countries, including Spain, Puerto Rico, and Guatemala. I have worked as both an in-house and freelance interpreter in medical, community, and legal settings.

I am certified by the Washington AOC as a court interpreter for the Spanish language, and by the Washington Department of Social and Health Services as a medical interpreter and social service interpreter for Spanish, German, and French. I am also a member of the Northwest Translators & Interpreters Society, a regional chapter of the American Translators Association.

Follow me on Twitter to experience some of my day-to-day interpreting adventures. See my blog for in-depth discussion and reflections on professional topics.

Please feel free to contact me for my complete résumé.

Photo by Ian on Unsplash